hope y’all are young enough to catch the Drake reference

1. Ya Snooze Ya Lose

If you’re like me… then you probably set 4-5 alarms the night before, and they are all probably 2 minutes apart, haha. Unfortunately, research shows that this form of waking up is not ideal for you or your body. When you wake yourself up and then immediately fall back to sleep, you are tricking your body. When the alarm goes off, your body is awake and ready to start the day, but when you hit snooze to snag a few more hours of sleep, your body thinks “Oh, okay I guess we are not getting up…”.  Sleep specialist Dr. Rafael Pelayo, MD, from Stanford University’s Sleep Medicine Center says that this type of interrupted sleep will leave you feeling more groggy. He suggests that deep restorative sleep is way better, and when you are in and out of sleep from hitting snooze, you can’t reach that refreshing feeling of a full night’s sleep (Pelayo). Don’t worry y’all, I am still working on this one… I hit snooze 5 times this morning…

2. #blessed

I have found that the best way to start off my day is with a little bit of thanks and praise!

Okay, I am done with hashtags and simple rhymes for this one…

But in all honesty, it is so easy for me to wake up and be bombarded with to-do lists and worries from the day before. I think God gives us rest and recovery for a reason! When I start my mornings off thanking Him for what He has done in my life and praying for His presence to be felt that day, I am much more cheerful! For those of you who don’t know me: I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!

IMG_06203. Make Your Bed

Growing up, my parents always forced me to make my bed in the mornings before school. I would be all ready and packed up for school and my dad would look at me and say, “Brooke, I know you didn’t make your bed… we aren’t leaving until you do”. As I mentioned before, I am not a morning person, so yeah wasn’t a big fan of that one…

Now that I am “adulting”, I am super thankful for that small daily discipline. I think when you make your bed, it allows for a clean homework/work space, keeps the clutter down (if you’re like me, messiness clouds my simple thought processes: I thrive in clean environments), and it helps you reset each morning! My logic as a kid along with many other people was always “Why make your bed if you’re just gonna ruin it to sleep in later?” My logical laziness still sides with this argument, but I love walking into my room after a long day of work or classes and see that my bed is made ready for me to sprawl out! Don’t knock it till you try it ?

4. Start Day Drinking

I know it’s five o’clock somewhere, but I am not talking alcohol here. Drink some H2O, yo! Not only are you dehydrated from sleeping for close to 8 hours without drinking water, it is also important to drink water to kick start your metabolism for the day. “Researchers suggest that 90 minutes after drinking cold water will boost your metabolism by 24% over the average metabolism rate” (MyFit). Water helps with digestion, brain function, and keeps your tummy fuller!

5. Eat Breakfast

I am not gonna go into a deep discussion here because I have tons of friends who do not like to eat breakfast or “aren’t breakfast people” to which I roll my eyes because I think it is very important to break your 8 hour fast with some fuel to start your day. Even if it’s just a banana, c’mon people!


6. Feed Your Soul

This one goes along with #1. More than any other, this is the most vital to my morning routine. I completely understand and acknowledge that not everyone will agree which is cool, I am not a doctor, therapist, pastor, or dietician so y’all can skip over all of these tips and probably be fine haha, but this is one I truly want to elaborate on.

*As I have mentioned throughout, I am not a morning person. I still wake up early and hate sleeping in. But what I mean is no matter what time I wake up, I have puffy eyes and a bad attitude. Give me 1 hour to wake up before you talk to me, plz n thank u.*

I have to, I mean I have to read Scripture in the morning. I have to remind myself that the Creator of the universe is bigger than this world, bigger than my problems, and bigger than me. I have to learn more about God’s character and grace in order to grow and thrive in the season I am placed in. I do not know what this looks like for you. I know mornings aren’t ideal for spending 30 minutes in the Bible especially if you don’t know where to start or find boredom in reading for 30 minutes (ehem… me). Personally, I like to read a blog from desiringgod.org (5min read tops), or a daily Bible Verse from my app, or read a chapter from a book in the Bible, journal about it, and pray for application. Right now, I am in the book of Acts, and boy am I learning a lot!

Hebrews 8:1 says, “Now the main point in what has been said is this: we have such a high priest, who has taken His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens,”

Now picture this, your Father in Heaven on His throne, wakes you up each morning with a gentle whisper and a smile. He sustains your sleep and brings forth joy each morning (Psalm 30:5). Yes, loud alarms wake up our bodies, wake up our stresses, remind us of our daily duties, and sometimes wake up your kids or spouse, but the Spirit of the Lord wakes up our souls, wakes up our will to live for His kingdom and delight in His goodness. I’d rather perceive my wake-up calls as gentle hugs from my Savior than the “radar” tone on my iPhone alarm. Days start off better with Jesus, but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to not do any of these disciplines! I just find them effective, so I thought I’d share ?



Ps: My song this morning was “Do it Again” by Elevation Worship