The Struggle is Fear (real)

I love a good horror movie, which is funny because I am the world’s biggest scaredy-cat. I was the kid growing up who went to their parent’s room every night because I was afraid that Jim Carey playing The Mask was in my room. My parents decided to lock their door at...

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Birthdays and Galaxies

Since I turn 22 today, and my birthday falls on December 22, I thought it would be cool if I wrote out 22 things I have learned this past year. So here it is: I’ve learned how to drive in L.A. haha and I hated it. I have way. Too. Much. Road. Rage. I’ve learned that I...

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A Seat at the Table

I am in a season of life where I am learning to walk welcomed. The Lord has been gracing me with a reoccurring lesson, and I can hear His voice saying: You have a seat at the table, my dear. Like literally no joke, the softness of His voice and presence is instilling...

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A Beautiful Exchange

At first, I did not want to write on the topic of heartbreak, like at all… mainly because I felt like I didn’t have enough insight or good advice for it… But over the past few months, so many of my friends have come to me telling me about their breakups and how it has...

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Runnin’ Thru the 6 Tips to a Better Day

  hope y’all are young enough to catch the Drake reference 1. Ya Snooze Ya Lose If you're like me... then you probably set 4-5 alarms the night before, and they are all probably 2 minutes apart, haha. Unfortunately, research shows that this form of waking up is...

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Control is to be Surrendered. Contentment is to be Embraced.

My “go to” reactions to stress, change, or hurt are: panic and obsession. I panic that I won’t be able to fix something and then I obsess about the situation until I am blue in the face. We all have different tendencies in our reactions to difficult situations, but...

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