Midnight Earthquakes

Why do bad things happen to good people? At first when I am asked this question, my knee-jerk reaction is to say, “Well no one is actually ‘good’ we are all broken”. I do believe we are all inherently broken and no one is good and need a Savior. However, I have...

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The Gospel is for You Too

This is something I struggle with. Since I have been a Christian my whole life, it’s been my life’s commission to “spread the Gospel”. I want to apologize upfront for my brutal honesty and explicit thoughts on sharing the Gospel. I always like to remind my readers...

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Food Babies, Body Shaming, and Ripped Jeans

Warning: this post is about body dysmorphia and orthorexia nervosa Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD): this when you become fixated on an imperfection or obsess over a certain part of your body. It could be a freckle, your legs, your cheeks, your tummy, your nose, or your...

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